How to Use Link2SD App to Increase Internal Storage of Android Phones

Are you looking for Link2SD app step by step tutorial? Then you are jumped to the right place. Today I am back with another guide on how to use Link2SD app to increase internal storage of Android phones.

 Link2SD App

Well, you might be suffering from low storage of your Android device. Whenever you are trying to install new apps and games, it will show you that your memory is full. I know it’s irritating as I experienced the same thing. 🙂

Well, you don’t need to worry about it as the link2sd app can help you rid out of it. This app can use a partition of your SD card as internal memory, where you can install the apps.

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Before we perform further actions, let’s check out some requirements to expand the inbuilt memory.

An Android phone
Root access on actionable smartphone
SD Card
Link2SD App
AParted App
Internet access to download the required stuff
Backup of SD card and internal memory
A Cup of coffee (optional) 🙂
You can complete all the requirements while rooting Android phones is not an easy task for all. As it can also void your phone’s warranty and may lead to security concerns.

However, if you don’t have a rooted Android smartphone sorry my friend this guide isn’t for you. Still, you can root the Android phone without PC and proceed further. Once you have the all required stuff, you need to perform two tasks. 🙂

In the first task we will create partitions on SD card, and secondly, we will link apps to SD card partitions (expanded internal memory).

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So now you are ready to increase your phone’s inbuilt memory. Before you start, you have to insert an SD card into your device. Now you have to backup all the data stored on your SD card because we need to format the SD card while proceeding.

You can backup the data by copying it to your PC. Titanium backup app can also come handy in these conditions. Titanium Backup is a powerful backup tool for Android, it backup everything present on your device including app data, games progress and more.

This app requires root access to run on your smartphone. Once you have backed up the SD card and internal memory let’s divide your SD card into two parts. 🙂